The Sun Rooms

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I use the latest technology in hair fitting methods here at The Sun Rooms!

No Glue, No Braiding! The safest methods on the market!

We use mini fixings making sure that the locks are undetectable and the most discreet! 

AAAAAA grade human remy hair is used for every fitting!

See below for prices & before & aftercare.

Feel free to get in touch for more information or consultation & colour match & I'll look forward to giving you beautiful hair.


Full head of Tiny Tips FROM just £170 (hair and fitting)

Book now for your FREE no obligation consultation!


Required every 3 months. Hair extensions are added or locks changed as required, this allows for hair to last up to 9 months.

£105 (100 or more strands)

£75 (up to 100 strands)

Celebrity Weave (beaded braidless weft)

100g £170

125g £210

150g £245

200g £320


£65 Every 8-10 weeks

Before fitting

  • Please make sure hair is washed
  • No conditioner or styling products
  • Straighten if you usually do
  • In your usual parting

After fitting

  • Always brush hair before getting wet, eg:- washing it, swimming
  • Use an extension brush only
  • Brush in between the rows at the root regularly (Micro Weft)
  • Brush hair after washing
  • Brush hair whilst blow drying
  • Do not put conditioner near the roots or near fixings
  • Plait hair and brush at night
  • Use heat protector spray before applying heat
  • Use oils mid-length to ends when damp, before heat and just to maintain frizz instead of styling again